The Laurent Clerc project



The Laurent Clerc project

wants to redo the journey

made by Laurent Clerc in 1816


The Project in brief :

This crossing the Atlantic Ocean project is inspired by the trip made by Laurent Clerc in 1816 aboard the Mary Augusta. .

We want to start from Le Havre (France) to go on the American coast (see map below).


The départure would be June 18th. We expect three week to make the crossing.

The stay on the American coasts will last two monts and permits us to meet American deafs.

For a complete presentation see the page « The Global Projet ».

Questions and answers:

When will the trip goes ?   We want to leave Le Havre (France) next June 18th.

Why?   We would like to commemorate the journey made in 1816 by the Frenchman Laurent Clerc who went in America where he initiated the deaf child teaching for who nothing existed.

Who was Laurent Clerc ?  A French deaf, professor at the Institut Royal des Sourds de Paris (see the link bottom).

How do you do this crossing ?  Whit a boat, of course, since Clerc made his journey by boat!

Where are you going ?   We would like to go to New-Haven (Connecticut) because it is the closest harbour to the city of Hartford which is the place where Laurent Clerc founded the first school for the deaf in America. We hope that the Americans will accept to welcome us. Our journey is planned to last three monts.

What are the waited fallouts ?  Media mainly. They will permit people to discover a few know aspect of the export of an inestimable part of the French culture toward America in years 1800. We will meet deaf people in France and in the United States. We will make efforts to do this event unforgettable on each side of the Atlantic ocean. Also we hope that a book could be written later.

How do you find the funds ?  We do a call to subsidies, to sponsors (sponsorships, charity), to companies, enterprises and any people accepting to became donators and to all people wanting to help us.


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